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Krishna Vasudev : An Illustrated Novel

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Krishna Vasudev -

Krishna, the God was a Poorna Avatar (complete God) and Gita spoken by him shines as the highest philosophical and psychological guide for the human race. But the world that he strived for and intended to create is far from realization. We need to revisit him often and understand the deeper meaning even before we initiate the journey. For he showed us the path to the peak of human potential. The God in him was limited by the human form and the human in him arose to be the God. Krishna's selfless life has reflected in very few lives in history but society at large has yet to walk on the road.

In a biographical narrative he exhorts us again to step out of the self and connect to all. The pen may have been author's but words are Krishna's...

This biographical novel on Krishna written by Dr. Alok Bajpai is a delight to read as the book is written in a completely new perspective and interpretation of all the stories we have heard about Krishna. The purpose is to provide the views and thoughts from Krishna himself as we delve into his situation in which he would find himself and get to explore his psyche.

इशिता सहगल (Ishita Sehgal)

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आलोक बाजपेयी (Alok Bajpai)

डॉ. आलोक बाजपेयी डॉक्टर आलोक बाजपेयी पेशे से मनोचिकित्सक हैं। मानसिक रोगों के इलाज से परे उनकी सतत कोशिश रहती है लोगों को, ख़ासकर युवाओं को मानसिक रूप से मज़बूत करने की। अपने इस कार्य में उन्

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